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The following is taken from the Swimming New Zealand website:


Welcome to the swimming community. Swimming truly is a skill for life, and will open the doors of opportunity to so many different activities and experiences in the years ahead. Swimming is inspiring, challenging and spectacular, but it is far bigger than competition. Like walking jumping or talking, swimming is a core human skill. Whether your child will go on to win gold or swim socially, swimming is a fun way to keep fit and stay healthy. As a swimmer, your child will learn about determination, striving for excellence, and experience the joy found in effort. Swimming has the social qualities of a team sport, while maintaining the satisfaction of attaining personal goals.
To help and guide you on this process Swimming New Zealand has developed a handbook for you, the parent. This handbook will give you the information you require to give your child the best experience possible in the wonderful sport of swimming.


Click here to visit Swimming New Zealand and read the Parent Handbook.


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Swimming Wellington Information Booklet 2014 click here.